Dearest Tamara, thank you for your message, I'm sorry to created this page that has no matter with VEP.WIKI.

Please, I ask you help, if you can and if you have 5 minutes, to put othe news in this new page. There's the same page in Russian, nad in English. Please, help me!

I'll help you to translate 2 pages: 1 in Italian and 1 in Portuguese.

Thanks again for your help. You can find me more here.

Rei Momo (arutelu) 7. reduku 2013, kell 02:00 (MSK)

  • Honestly I badly understand what help do you need... --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 7. reduku 2013, kell 23:09 (MSK)

Answer:Tulgat tervhin vajehta

Thank you for your welcoming at this Vikipedii. Now I only examine this language (keel), but I hope soon I can write to you on your native language. Porbóllett (arutelu) 26. kül’mku 2013, kell 20:19 (MSK)

Thank you vajehta

Thank you Tamara for your cooperations! I hope our common work to write and edit this Vikipedi will be very fruitful. Porbóllett (arutelu) 28. kül’mku 2013, kell 23:56 (MSK)

Please help me vajehta

In Hungary there are 19 regions (rand?), which has smaller administrative units (administrativiž pind?) the so-called county (megye in Hungarian). In the counties there are agjad. The agjad is built from towns (lidn?) and settlements (eländpunkt?). How do you write these in Vepsian language:

  • English-Hungarian-Vepsian:
    • Region-Régió-(Rand ?)
    • County-Megye-(???)
    • District-Járás/(2012-ig/Till 2012 called: kistérség)-(agjad??)
    • Town/City-Város-(Lidn ??)
    • Village/Settlement-Falu/Település-(eländpunkt??).

How do you write these? Thank you for your help.Porbóllett (arutelu) 29. kül’mku 2013, kell 17:47 (MSK)

  • I'm sorry for interference but I could propose such terms (according to the page "Administrative divisions of Hungary" in Russian Wikipedia):
    • Region-Régió- region
    • County-Megye- agj
    • District-Járás/(2012-ig/Till 2012 called: kistérség)- rajon
    • Town/City-Város- lidn
    • Village/Settlement-Falu/Település- külä (village) and eländpunkt (settlement) --Sebranik (arutelu) 29. kül’mku 2013, kell 18:21 (MSK)

Answered questions. Thank you for your help.Porbóllett (arutelu) 29. kül’mku 2013, kell 21:00 (MSK)

žilo is also possible variant for "settlement", but this is very common word. You may try to use it too, but with care. --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 29. kül’mku 2013, kell 21:07 (MSK)

Thank you for the translations of the county names. You makes even more easier my work on that list. As soon as possible I will check the page and change the bad names.Porbóllett (arutelu) 29. kül’mku 2013, kell 21:11 (MSK)

I called for help my friend, who speaks Hungarian and Veps:

  • város - lidn
  • telep, település - žilo
  • falu - külä
  • lakott hely - eländpunkt

In Veps there also lidnanvuitte žilo and külänvuitte žilo terms (calques from Russian). In Hungarian they can be literally translated as városi típusú település and falusi/községi típusú település --Sebranik (arutelu) 29. kül’mku 2013, kell 21:58 (MSK)

There is a problem with translation of the word megye. Literally it means agj, but in Russian Wikipedia it's used without translation — медье: "Венгрия разделена на 19 медье (областей) и город, приравненный к медье — Будапешт". So, I guess, we could spell it like med'je in Veps as well. Or what varian is better? --Sebranik (arutelu) 30. kül’mku 2013, kell 03:38 (MSK)

Both of them, eh? :] --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 30. kül’mku 2013, kell 14:58 (MSK)

From my point of view we can use both of them if it is absolutely fit to the grammar of the Vepsian language. If you use both variants the texts will more sophisticated and interesting.Porbóllett (arutelu) 30. kül’mku 2013, kell 20:19 (MSK)

Thanks (How do you say in Vepsian language: Thank you? ) for you adding the Vepsian names of med'jes. I copy them to makes all articles of the Hungarian counties.Porbóllett (arutelu) 1. tal’vku 2013, kell 12:34 (MSK)

kitän (lit. [I] thank you) or spasib (calque from Russian спасибо — special interjection for thanking) --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 1. tal’vku 2013, kell 15:48 (MSK)

I am sorry vajehta

I am sorry to hurrying with writing of new articles and you have to fix my grammar errors. It is not about to make you feel bad or to intentionally make mistakes. I always try to do my best to make easier your task. I try to use better grammer, and better sablons to create new articles. I don't want to hide from you that my goal is to push Vepsän Vikipedii over 5000 articles as soon as possible. I think you deserve it. I think after 5000 article this project will have more users than before. And maybe it will help to maintain your valuable and rare language.Porbóllett (arutelu) 6. tal’vku 2013, kell 21:30 (MSK)

I won't leave here my reasoning about necessity of mass creation of substubs and why it's... a bit... undesirable in a case of Veps Wikipedia. If you think that I am able to fix 19 articles in a row, you have a good opinion of me, thanks. In any case you should understand that we translate Finnish and Estonian toponymes literally into Veps, and it's very hard sometimes.
But, really, I'm glad to see that one more active user joined us. Surely you do it sincerely.
You wanna help us? Now, as you see, we spend a week of cinema in vep.wp. So it's my personal suggestion to you: can you create pages about notable Hungarian actors/actresses, film directors, screenwriters?.. instead of pages about geography. And with using of original names (I'll translate 'em). If you're agree I can help with this. --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 00:31 (MSK)

Maybe I can create articles about Hungarian actors, or actresses, but I have to develope my dictionary with the rigt expressions. for example:
  • született: natal (birth)
  • születési/leánykori név: (natal name/~original name)
  • főbb szerepei: main plays
  • filmjei: filmography
  • díjai: prizes and so on...Porbóllett (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 01:02 (MSK)
  • X (born YY <month> ZZZZ, <pop. place>, Hungary) is/was a Hungarian actor/actress/film director/screenwriter. = X (sünd. [[YY. <month>]] ZZZZ, <pop. place>, Mad'jaranma) om/oli mad'jaralaine aktör/aktör/režissör/kinotarinantegii.
  • (his/her) The most notable roles was in film / were in films... (or smth like this) = Hänen kaikiš znamasižembad rolid oli "1"-fil'mas / oliba "1"-, "2"-, da "3-" fil'moiš.
  • Filmography = Fil'mografii
  • Awards = Arvlahjad

+ categories [[Kategorii:Mad'jaranman aktörad/režissörad/kinotarinantegijad]] and [[Kategorii:Aktörad/Režissörad/Kinotarinantegijad kirjamišton mödhe]]

It's a little complicated but I hope you understand it... Good luck. --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 01:21 (MSK)

Well, I examined your sentences and I decided that I will try it. Thank you for your answers and you helped me a lot.Porbóllett (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 10:10 (MSK)

Thank you for your contributions with the article of Töröčik Mari. Do you know why is it also good to me? It is a 2 in 1 situation:

  • 1st: this is a new article for you and....
  • 2nd: new words for me.Porbóllett (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 18:17 (MSK)

Поддержка правительства vajehta

Здравствуйте! В казахской, узбекской, киргизской википедиях заливают энциклопедии выпущенные в бумажных носителях при помощи правительства этих стран. Президент Тувы выделил 500 тыс рублей на развите Тувинской Википедии. Также Эмомали Рахмон сказал что поддержит Таджикскую Википедию. Таких примеров много. Вы можете написать в правительство Карелии поддержке вепсской Википедии? Есть готовые тексты тут. Есть ли универсальные энциклопедии выпущенные на вепсском языке?--Kaiyr (arutelu) 10. semendku 2014, kell 16:34 (MSK)

Friedrich Nietzsche vajehta

Hello dear first of all sorry for creating pages which did not match your wikipedia demands. I just wnated to ask if you could create a page for Friedrich Nietzsche as long as you pages of many philosophers created such as Kant and etc.

Exactly. We don't have rules, but we have some views about articles in Wikipedia.
I don't care and don't like Nietzsche, so I will not do. --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 4. heinku 2014, kell 20:46 (MSK)

Помогите пожалуйста с переводом. --DENAMAX (arutelu) 25. sulaku 2015, kell 16:14 (MSK)

Песочница по-вепсски?? vajehta

Добрый день! Есть ли в Вашей Википедии такое понятие как песочница? Например, en:User:Hunu/sandbox. Заранее спасибо, Hunu (arutelu) 27. sügüz’ku 2015, kell 16:03 (MSK)

Сам нашел Letenik Спасибо 27. sügüz’ku 2015, kell 16:16 (MSK)
Найти нашел, но как открыть себе новую песочницу не понял Hunu (arutelu) 27. sügüz’ku 2015, kell 16:21 (MSK)

Эта участница неактивна. Вы не можете создать подстраницу в личном пространстве и использовать как черновик? Kävutai:Hunu/Letenik, например. --Ghiutun 28. sügüz’ku 2015, kell 00:16 (MSK)

Спасибо за ответ! Hunu (arutelu) 28. sügüz’ku 2015, kell 13:29 (MSK)