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A ku Ezilehtpol'? --Sihlaine (arutelu) 6. keväz’ku 2014, kell 16:06 (MSK)

Congratulations for the 4000. articleRedigeeri

Let me be the first who congratulate for all contributors of the Vepsian Wikipedia because you have reached the 4000. article of the projekt in Vepsian language with the article about the Himalayas (Gimalajad). I know how difficult to create always new articles because I am also an editor of this project and the Hungarian version. I hope one day you would have a similar well-written and detailed Wikipedia as the English version. For you and for all of the Vepsian people it is an important enterprise because this enciklopedia could help to you to maintain and develope your language and culture.

Best wishes from Hungary:

Porbóllett (arutelu) 21. kezaku 2014, kell 16:29 (MSK)

Обновление/Update of the main page like in EnWikiRedigeeri

Предлагаю проект обновления для заглавной страницы как в англвики. Илья Драконов (arutelu) 13. eloku 2015, kell 18:14 (MSK).

Tulgat tervhin Vikipedijaha!
Vepsän Vikipedii om 6699 kirjutust..

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  • Зачем? И сейчас гармонично выглядит. --Ghiutun 13. eloku 2015, kell 21:11 (MSK)
Моё дело предложить, как говорится. Илья Драконов (arutelu) 14. eloku 2015, kell 12:39 (MSK).


Congratulations, you have reached the five thousandth article!!!--Porbóllett (arutelu) 28. tal’vku 2015, kell 21:40 (MSK)

Erzya wikipediaRedigeeri

The Erzya Wikipedia is over 3000 articles. Please write it to the right part of the Palehtpol-page. Thank you.--Porbóllett (arutelu) 11. sügüz’ku 2016, kell 22:47 (MSK)

  • 'Over 3000 articles' is not that true reason for adding but done. --Wolverène 11. sügüz’ku 2016, kell 23:11 (MSK)
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