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I'm serious. Anyway, [[:Kategorii:Chile|this category]] must be deleted, because it has wrong name at least... Good luck, and remember: spam is bad, my dear :) --[[Kävutai:Tamara Ustinova|Tamara Ustinova]] 9. uhoku 2012, kell 20:27 (MSK)
::I don't had intention to spamming. Initially, I had so fascinated and so enthusiastic with the idea of leaving some stubs about some cities about Chile in vep wiki, but I never imagine that stubs and category are with blunders. Listen, If you are still considering the deletion, please consider also that in the (maybe near) future these cities can be added to the vep wiki (if you really want). From my point of view, articles about Chile are not spam. Well, sorry for inconveniences, thanks, good luck for you too and have a cool day, bye.----[[Kävutai:X4v13r3|X4v13r3]] 9. uhoku 2012, kell 23:16 (MSK)