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* I'm ready to explain properly. Those images are needless in one-string stubs. I'm not sure that the pages look good after this. Maybe I find fault with it, but I really don't see any sense. At least while these pages are short...--[[Kävutai:Tamara Ustinova|Tamara Ustinova]] ([[Lodu kävutajas:Tamara Ustinova|arutelu]]) 27. kül’mku 2012, kell 21:32 (MSK)
::If the pages are short must seek to fill. The Oology is an important part of the ornithology. I would be at your service whenever you want. --[[Kävutai:Archaeodontosaurus|Archaeodontosaurus]] ([[Lodu kävutajas:Archaeodontosaurus|arutelu]]) 28. kül’mku 2012, kell 15:27 (MSK)
== Photo of consulate in Petrozavodsk ==
Hi Tamara, if you look at [[:Commons:User:Russavia/Required_photos#Petrozavodsk]], I am trying to find someone who can take photos of the Finnish consulate in Petrozavodsk for various articles on various Wikipedia projects. Do you know of anyone who might be able to help with such photos and to put them on Commons? Appreciate any help in finding someone (this list is now been around for about 3 years). Cheers, [[Kävutai:Russavia|Russavia]] ([[Lodu kävutajas:Russavia|arutelu]]) 28. kül’mku 2012, kell 18:39 (MSK)