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Thank you kindly explain the withdrawal of the image of the egg. --[[Kävutai:Archaeodontosaurus|Archaeodontosaurus]] ([[Lodu kävutajas:Archaeodontosaurus|arutelu]]) 27. kül’mku 2012, kell 18:06 (MSK)
* I'm ready to explain properly. Those images are needless in one-string stubs. I'm not sure that the pages look good after this. Maybe I find fault with it, but I really don't see any sense. At least while these pages are short...--[[Kävutai:Tamara Ustinova|Tamara Ustinova]] ([[Lodu kävutajas:Tamara Ustinova|arutelu]]) 27. kül’mku 2012, kell 21:32 (MSK)
::If the pages are short must seek to fill. The Oology is an important part of the ornithology. I would be at your service whenever you want. --[[Kävutai:Archaeodontosaurus|Archaeodontosaurus]] ([[Lodu kävutajas:Archaeodontosaurus|arutelu]]) 28. kül’mku 2012, kell 15:27 (MSK)